“Steel Magnolias” cast preps for show by embodying characters

The Seton Hall Theatre Department will be staging its production of “Steel Magnolias” at the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) Feb. 22-24 at 8:00 p.m. and Feb. 25 at 2:00 p.m. The cast said they are working hard and getting very excited to bring this story about love and friendship to life for the SHU community.

Chair of the Theatre Department, Peter Reader, said he knew SOPAC would be the perfect venue for the show, because it would emphasize the community aspect that is prevalent in “Steel Magnolias.” He added that the play will allow students in the Theater Department to exercise their abilities.

The cast of Steel Magnolias is preparing for the show by taking time to understand their characters.
Claudia Emanuele/Staff Writer

“I picked the show because it is a play that showcases the talents of the theater majors,” Reader said.

Senior theater major Yvonne Pruitt plays Truvy in the show. In fact, Pruitt has become so engrossed in her role as Truvy that she finds herself slipping into the character’s southern accent in daily life.

Pruitt said that the cast is working on blocking, a process that involves actors learning where and how to move on during a scene. She added that no problems have arisen during production so far.

Pruitt said she has been learning more about herself as an actor and individual during her involvement with “Steel Magnolias.”

“This is such a powerful and warm show about love and friendship,” Pruitt said. “It is based on the true story of the director’s sister and dedicated to her son. I hope that people leave the theater feeling they identified with the story in some way and that they felt the love and friendship of these women.”

Pruitt said she hopes she and the rest of the cast are able to bring the characters to life for the audience.

Senior theater major, Bailey Howell, plays Clairee Belcher in the production. Howell says that her involvement in Steel Magnolias has strengthened her ability to collaborate with others.

She added that the cast and crew have worked together smoothly since production began.

“It is a beautiful story told by an amazing group of actors,” Howell said.

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Author: Staff Writer

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