Student interns make Disney magic a reality

By participating in the Disney College Program, students’ dreams really do come true.

Students from schools that partner with the Disney College Program can work at Disney Resorts as cast members. One aspect of their job is to make going to the parks, hotels and restaurants an experience full of faith, trust and pixie dust for all the guests.

Interns in the Disney College Program have many responsibilities as cast members in the park.
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Some Seton Hall students have taken advantage of this opportunity and shared their experiences.

Ivory Luke, a diplomacy and political science alum, discovered the Disney College Program as she was looking online for internship opportunities for the spring semester.

She knew she was graduating early and wanted to find something constructive to fill her time until she began graduate school in the fall.
She said the Disney College Program was a perfect fit for her.

While Luke has not started her program yet, Frank Frasco, a junior broadcasting major with a concentration in film, worked at Hollywood Studios, one of the four main parks in Walt Disney World.

Frasco discovered the program when he was a junior in high school on vacation in Disney World.

He was talking to a cast member when he realized that the name tag had the name of a college on it.

“Within minutes I knew this was something I was interested in pursuing,” Frasco said. “I have so many wonderful memories of vacations [in Disney] and I knew I wanted to be a part of making the ‘Disney Magic’ for others.”

Frasco’s daily schedule included working the night shifts for “Fantasmic!,” an outdoor musical featuring Mickey.

He would set up the theater with the other college program students, interact with guests outside the theater on Sunset Boulevard and create as many magical moments as possible.

As it came closer to show time, he helped with crowd control while the guests entered the theater.

“In addition to working and playing in the parks, I attended a seminar class entitled Disney Leadership that fueled my passion to follow the steps that were presented in class,” Frasco said. “These classes presented a clear picture of why Disney is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.”

Danielle Slaboda, a junior speech pathology and education major in the 4+2 program, will soon be working in the program as an attractions cast member in Magic Kingdom, specifically in the Fantasyland area.

“Ensuring guest safety is a huge part of the job working on rides,” Slaboda said. “I will be ushering lines, escorting guests onto ride vehicles, operating the ride controls and delivering spiels.”

Slaboda said that this experience is likely to impact her and “shape [her] into being a more independent person.”

She also said, “Disney has brought such joy and magic to millions of people in the world. That’s exactly what I hope to do for children in schools, private practices or hospitals.”

Frasco said the experience allowed him to further define his path for the future.

“It definitely helped control and guide me in what I truly want to pursue in my life,” he said. “Working for Disney reassured me that my passion lies in creativity and innovation. Whether it is creating media such as film or working for the Walt Disney Company on the marketing and innovation side, I want to inspire thousands of people through the creative work I envision.”

Luke echoed this sentiment.

“I believe that this will greatly aid me post college because Disney will leave an indelible mark on resume, something like a badge of honor, and it will be a great talking point for any interview I go on,” she said. “Also, it also opens the door for any Internship or job within Disney, outside of the college program, like Marvel.”

Sloboda said she is documenting her adventures at Disney with her YouTube vlog, “Enchanted Tales with Danielle.”

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