SHU marches for women’s rights

Men, women and children gathered around the country on Jan. 20 to express their support for women and displeasure with the president. In New York City, more than 200,000 protesters gathered to demonstrate unity and march for a better future. Among the protesters there were SHU students rallying their support. Samantha Dyar, a sophomore theater major, went with her friends.

“Before we even got on the train we were in the village Starbucks and there were already loads of people ready to go support the movement and by the time we got to the city everyone was heading in the same direction to go to the march,” Dyar said.

Crowds gathered in New York City to support women’s rights.
Photo courtesy of Samantha Dyar

Dyar explained that although this was her first walk being a part of the movement was empowering and she felt as if she was benefiting the cause.

“Everyone was there for their own different reasons, but it was all about supporting women and their rights,” Dyar said.

The rally was held at 61st and Central Park West. The march began at 72nd and Central Park West and weaved down into Times Square. Dyar stayed for the rally and a majority of the walk, going all the way to Times Square. Dyar described it as, “extremely empowering to march with women and men advocating for the same goals.”

Dyar said she plans to attend other walks such as Pride and someday the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

Christina Zipse, a freshman business major, was marching for the first time as well. Zipse recalled feeling empowered and united with everyone protesting.

“Everyone there was hoping for someone to listen and to understand what everyone was pushing for,” Zipse explained.
Zipse said that, although they did not carry or make signs, it was amazing to see everyone come together in unity to protest the stigmas placed against women.

“It is very important for people to support these movements and help create a louder, more unified voice.” Zipse said.
Zipse spent a majority of her time huddled with other people for the rally where activists and celebrities, such as Halsey, spoke. This event helped open doors to support other causes, Zipse said.

Female students were not the only attendees in the audience.

Ryan Zyskowski, a freshman accounting major, went to the Women’s March with his sister, Shae.

“I got very interested in experiencing the Women’s March when my sister told me she was thinking of attending,” Zyskowski said. He explained that the idea of seeing so many people together in one place, protesting so many different issues in solidarity with his sister was an amazing experience.

William O’Connell, a freshman finance major, said the march was unlike anything he ever experienced.

“I’m from Atlanta,” he said. [I live] in a red state, so the March was nothing like I’ve ever seen. It was amazing to see millions of people walking around New York in January for women’s rights.”

Just like the others, O’Connell said that he is already planning and looking forward to next year’s Women’s March.

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