True Blue celebrates five years of giving back

More than 4,000 people have become True Blue since the program’s inception, and since this year is the fifth year anniversary of the program, the organization is celebrating all year long. According to Daniel Nugent, assistant vice president of advancement services, True Blue is a recognition program that honors all those who are active and engaged with Seton Hall each year, allowing them to donate to causes within the SHU community.

“The best part about True Blue is that it’s so easy for students to become True Blue,” said Matthew Minor, a sophomore diplomacy major and team leader for the Student Alumni Association. Minor explained that students can become True Blue by following four steps.
The first step is attending a True Blue event. This can be an event put on by the Student Alumni Association, or any event in which True Blue is a part of.

True Blue membership includes alumni, parents and friends in addition to students.
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Students can donate any amount they wish to True Blue. Every dollar students donate goes directly to helping fellow students.
Students are also required to keep their contact information up-to-date. Students complete this just by enrolling at SHU.
The final step entails students taking a picture of themselves in Pirate blue or telling their friends about the program.

Minor said that it is important to remember that this is an annual program and these step must be completed each year.
He added that he has enjoyed helping increase True Blue’s student community of donors, as they are contributing to an important cause.
“Most of the money people donate to True Blue goes to the Student Emergency Relief Fund, the fund that helps ease the burden of unanticipated expenses students may face, so [this] work with True Blue has been truly fulfilling,” Minor said.

Erin Kelly, a junior communications major who is a liaison for True Blue students, said that students can choose where they want their donations to go within the University, including the various colleges.

“There are benefits you can get from being True Blue, such as attending Christmas parties and pumpkin smashing,” she said. “Also, True Blue is a great way to show your Pirate pride.”

Nugent explained that True Blue is not limited to students.
“It’s important that all groups increase the number of True Blue members among them – faculty, staff, alumni, parents, students and friends,” he said.

Though the fastest growing portion of True Blue members continues to be students, the organization is proud of this fact. The Student Alumni Association leads the True Blue for student’s efforts and they host a variety of programs throughout the year that offer opportunities for students to become True Blue members.

In fact, Nugent said that this year they will be launching new programs to allow entire clubs and organizations to become members of this program and there will be special recognition for those groups.
Nugent said students will see an increase in the presence of True Blue on campus, at events, and in its communications.

Since True Blue month is February, the Student Alumni Association will feature more programs and opportunities for students and groups to become recognized for their dedication to Seton Hall through True Blue.

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