Cove ordering app intends to shorten lines

A long wait time is a common problem at the Pirate’s Cove. An ordering app is being developed to help combat this problem.
The Pirate’s Cove, or “The Cove” is one the cornerstones of student life on campus, but during lunch hours it is known to have long lines which spill out the entrance of The Cove.

Michelle Pan, the chair of the Student Government Association’s student life committee, believes the introduction of an ordering app for the Cove will shorten the line during its busiest times.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is working on an initiative to implement an ordering app for the Cove.
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Gianna Cardace, a freshman occupational therapy major, said: “I never have enough time to eat in the cafeteria so I try to eat in the Cove but during lunch time the lines are way too long. Sometimes I just skip lunch altogether.”

According to the New York Times, skipping meals during the day and eating one large meal at the end of the day results in metabolic changes or can possibly lead to diabetes.

Pan was inspired to spearhead the creation of an ordering app by the listening to the calls of the students and by witnessing the long lines first hand.

“Most days around lunch time and dinner time, the line for the Cove gets extremely long. Unfortunately, for the students who are on a tight schedule [class, work], picking up something quick is almost impossible,” Pan said.

Pan is working with sophomore finance and marketing major and SGA ad hoc senator Charles Matta, and Gourmet Dining Services to create the app for the Cove. The proposed app is a platform, “where students can order food from and the possibility of having a value pack,” Pan said.

When asked about the proposed app for the Cove, freshman Margaret Burgon said, “I’ve never been to the Cove before but I would definitely use the app to pick up food. It would make it way easier to get lunch every day.”

Michelle Pan hopes that the app will be up and running by spring semester but has no guarantee.

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