Blue Crew braves rain, sun and crowds to help future Pirates

You’ve seen them in blue shirts around campus. Rain or shine, they are there – pointing and leading huddled groups of families from one end of campus to the other. You’ve probably even been a part of the tours or open houses at Seton Hall before you decided to make it your home.

Being a part of Blue Crew is more than boasting about the University and giving walking tours, according to its members. Blue Crew members not only carry the responsibility of giving students a good first impression of Seton Hall but are also a strong representative of the University. The first principle listed in the Blue Crew application states, “Serve as an ambassador for the University.”

Blue Crew members give tours, run open houses and help future Pirates find a home at the Hall.
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For some of the students, training began in August. It’s an all-day session where new members learn from veteran Blue Crew members, fast facts about admissions, the Career Center and Disability Support Services. It’s not all facts and information, though. A big part of Blue Crew is the personalized experiences they can offer to perspective and accepted students.

“I once had a student write a review for me that said I was the best college tour they had ever been on, that was huge, and I felt such a sense of pride for SHU that day,” said Megan Scime, a sophomore and marketing and political science major. “It’s crazy to think that I might see that girl’s face on campus next year in pirate blue.”

Working as a Blue Crew member for the first time this year, Scime said she joined because she wanted to help other students love the school in the same way she did when she first set foot on campus.

James Sherry, a sophomore marketing and finance double major, echoed similar sentiments. “I wanted an on-campus job where I felt like I was doing meaningful work to help the university,” Sherry said.

Along with tours, Blue Crew members must also be present at all open houses, a day where the campus is full of potential students and their families, meeting faculty and other representatives.

There’s a rehearsed orchestration to open houses, but don’t be fooled. This is something admissions counselors and Blue Crew prepare for extensively weeks beforehand.

“Open house is the most hectic time in the admissions office,” said Lianne Joseph, a sophomore public relations major. “Despite everyone having to be up way too early for a Sunday morning, we all had great energy and were up for anything.”

Teamwork and a “hands-on” attitude is another important aspect of Blue Crew, but being on the team has been a good way to help the students with their individual skills as well.

“I have become more confident when publicly speaking thanks to repetition at work,” Sherry said. “I’ve also learned how to diversify my approach depending on my audience.”

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