SAB delivers Halloween fun at Fright Fest

Students who participated in the Student Activities Board (SAB) bus trip to Six Flags Great Adventure during Fright Fest on Oct. 15 found themselves amid a horde of chainsaw wielding zombies and other scary monsters.

Fright Fest is an annual Halloween festival that takes place at the amusement park in the evenings from mid-September to the end of October.

Students who attended Fright Fest confronted a number of monsters in the park.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Douglas Opbroek

Kendra Campbell, a sophomore sociology major and the SAB Coffee House co-chair, chaperoned the trip and said that the park took on a new life starting at 6:00 p.m.

“The park is pretty normal throughout the day,” Campbell said. “There’s Halloween decorations throughout the park, but at night the staff will dress into zombies, vampires, and other creepy figures and they’ll just run around with chainsaws and shovels scaring people.”

At night, five different zones opened throughout the amusement park. Each of them had a different thrill level, as some sites were more intense than others.

Additional attractions, such as a haunted house and several haunted mazes, were also available for an additional fee. Ominous Halloween-themed lights and decorations were incorporated into a few of the park’s rides.

More than 50 students participated in the event as a result of high student interest from previous amusement park bus trips, according to Alyssa Behrendt, president of SAB and a senior economics marketing and information technology management major.

“The trip is a tradition of sorts that constantly sells out its tickets,” Behrendt said. “We specifically choose Six Flags over Dorney Park due to student feedback and chose an earlier date this year so we are not burdened by traffic as much.”

Katherine Yaguana-Rodriguez,a freshman biology major, said that this was her first time going to Fright Fest and she enjoyed attending the trip with her friends.

“When it got darker outside, it was really funny to see other people getting scared by the ‘zombies’ that were there,” Yaguana-Rodriguez said.

“My friends made me go on the trip and they also pushed for me to go on the rides,” said Sahar Fedai, a freshman international diplomacy major, who also attended the trip. “I was extremely scared when I rode them.”

“What really encouraged me to go was the low cost of the tickets,” Fedai explained. “I would definitely go to another SAB event like this one.”

Behrendt said that this is the second year that SAB has hosted the Six Flags Fright Fest trip after switching from Dorney Park’s Halloween festivities.

“We are doing the same amount of off-campus events we normally do every semester, however our travel chair, Emma Tobin, has come up with some of the most creative event ideas that I have seen in my time at Seton Hall,” Behrendt said.

She explained that SAB works to help students branch out and experience events and opportunities outside of SHU as well as on campus.

“We are trying to provide a chance to get off campus and explore what the NY/NJ area has to offer,” she said. “We also aim to provide quality off-campus entertainment that aligns with our mission of providing wholesome, engaging activities and events to all students on campus.”

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