Seton Hall law school admissions up 33 percent

According to NJTV News most law schools have seen a flat line, or a decline in admission rates. Seton Hall Law School, however, has seen the opposite—admissions up 33 percent and its national ranking 57 in the U.S. News Report ranking.

When asked about the success in a NJTV article, Kathleen Boozang, dean of Seton Hall University Law School said, “I think ultimately, it’s because we have full employment of our graduates and our graduates are passing the Bar. So, I think that success in our case is breeding success.”

Seton Hall Law School admissions are up 33 percent and its national ranking jumped from 63 to 57 according to U.S. News Report.
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Seton Hall is also one of the first to start a unique program allowing students the opportunity to get their Juris Doctorate (JD) on the weekends.

With nearly 50 students in the first class of its kind, dean Boozang said, “Their age range is 23 to 63 and they include five people with doctorate degrees, they include several people who are in the military, executives from many of New Jersey’s major industries, but also we have folks from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire who are coming in for the weekend.”

Undergraduates considering law school explained whether Seton Hall Law School was a prospective option.

Yasmine Boto, a junior political science major, said she was considering Seton Hall Law School partly for its proximity and convenience, but that was not the only reason.

“They also have a great center for social justice which is the type of law I want to go into,” she said. “They have courses like the Civil Rights and Constitutional Litigation Clinic which goes alongwith what I want to focus on as a lawyer”.

Boto says ranking isn’t a primary factor in deciding her future school.

“As long as I love the school I go to and can get a solid and affordable education [that is what matters].”

Other students, however, do not share Yasmine’s opinion on the importance of ranking. Kayla Lalji, a junior management and marketing major, said she was considering Seton Hall Law School as well. However, the price tag and ranking greatly matter to her.

“I believe law school at Seton Hall would be a great investment, although compared to some of the other law schools in New Jersey, it is a bit more expensive,” Lalji wrote in an email, “Ranking does matter to me when I ultimately decide where to go because my dream is to practice corporate law in the city and going to a great school that has an excellent reputation will definitely aid me in that process.”

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