SAB exhibit gives students butterflies

Campus was all aflutter on Aug. 28 when the Student Activities Board (SAB) set up a mobile butterfly sanctuary on the Green. Students were welcome to drop their bags and relax while they sat amongst butterflies, specifically hatched for Seton Hall.

Many students took the view to social media, ‘Snapchatting’ the event while others sat and enjoyed the surroundings. Instructions on how to properly feed a butterfly were accessible to those who wished to get closer to the butterflies.

The mobile butterfly exhibit on the Green offered students a way to combat first-day butterflies.
Claudia Emanuele/Staff Writer

Allison Schaeffer, a freshman biology and physical therapy major, said that she saw the event on a flyer for the First 56 activities.
“It was such a cute idea and I wanted to be involved,” Schaeffer said.

She explained it was a new experience for her, adding that she never had a butterfly crawl on her before this event.

According to SAB President and senior marketing and economics major Alyssa Behrendt, the idea for the exhibit came last semester from Payton Seda, SAB’s Campus Life co-chair and staff writer for The Setonian.

“The inspiration came from a county fair [Seda] visited a few years ago, where there was a mobile butterfly exhibit,” Behrendt said.

The theme of this exhibit was that every student has “butterflies” on the first day of classes and that it is perfectly OK. Some students grasped this concept, noting how this event was an opportunity for new students to go out and socialize.

“This is a nice welcoming event, especially for freshmen who can walk into this exhibit and meet new people by sharing a common experience,” Abby Cordaro a junior diplomacy major said.

Other students explained that this event was a reminder of the growth that students can experience in their college years.

“This event I feel is about transformation, the freshman are moving into a new chapter in their lives, just like the butterflies who started out as just merely caterpillars,” Morgan Tirpak, a sophomore public relations major said.

Behrendt noted that the feedback for this event was “overwhelmingly positive” and therefore, SHU can expect to see another butterfly exhibit in the future.

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Author: Claudia Emanuele

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