SPO seeks to spread message of Campus Ministry

Grounded in faith, and a desire to make sure it has a prominent place on college campuses, St. Paul’s Outreach gives students the opportunity to lead a fulfilling college life through faith and understanding.

For many college students, faith and religion are not necessarily made to be a priority in their lives; the St. Paul’s Outreach website claims that only “10 percent” of Catholic millennials go to Sunday Mass.


St. Paul’s Outreach gathers together to help the community and share its passion about religion. Photo via Facebook/St. Paul’s Outreach New Jersey.


With a general low morale on campuses, SPO reaches students wanting to be a part of a greater community. Edward Moccia, Seton Hall Campus Minister, is a part of this effort.

“Our aim is to integrate our work in Campus Ministry,” he said. “The end goal is Catholic faith alive on campus.” This is the motto of the organization, which hits at the core of what the group is about.

Tasked with inspiring students to be a part of the organization, SPO sends missionaries into the Seton Hall community to help, and build relationships.

Daniel Minogue, in his fifth year of music education at Montclair State University, is men’s household leader in SPO at Seton Hall, leading by example and being a role model for the men living within the household.

“My position requires me to push them as well as myself,” Minogue said. “To challenge them in ways of self-discipline and discipleship.”

He added that “SPO is simply a community of people that share the same passions; a love for the Lord and a desire to spread God’s love to anyone on campus.”

The men and women in the group live in gender-separated housing, but the events they do together not only create an environment for SPO, but for other students to see the benefits of the group beyond just religious faith.

Paola Hegedus, member of the women’s house, said, “They provide good environments to bring others into. Others get to see the way students live out their Christian faith through the lifestyle that [they] have chosen by living in household.”

Above all, SPO is a place for students to grow, and have a deeper understanding through their faith.

“I’ve learned a lot about how to love and serve all sorts of different people,” Hegedus said. “We should choose to grow in our capacity to care for one another and to serve with humility.”

Megan Beauchamp can be reached at megan.beauchamp@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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