Professor brings military style to SHU public relations classes

Professor Nicole Dieso is teaching for the first time at Seton Hall this semester, yet she has already attracted the interests of other faculty members and students due to her unique, confrontational teaching method.

Dieso’s character and unique style can largely be attributed to her background. Working as a Public Relations professional, Dieso traveled to different countries to apply her skills.

In addition to her PR work, Nicole Dieso has worked with ROTC. Photo courtesy of Nicole Dieso.

“I was a female civilian in the Middle East. Everyone makes assumptions about you and you are not met at a level playing field. This gave me a perspective as an international PR (professional),” Dieso said.

The professor spent time in countries such as Kuwait and Qatar. According to Dr. Jon Radwan, chair of the Communications Program, Dieso has notable military experience  and demonstrates leadership.

Dieso originally came to Seton Hall last semester as a guest lecturer. In her lecture, she talked about effective messaging and how to get a point across. Radwan noted that Dieso’s lectures “were met with a very positive reception.” When deciding on bringing her to Seton Hall as a professor, Radwan remarked that, “her leadership experience is important and valuable. She can really help develop an international side of the PR program.”

Now, as a professor, Dieso is looking to apply the lessons and morals she developed during her time both abroad and in the military.

“Discipline is important; say what you mean and mean what you say,” Dieso explained.

Her course, Promotional Writing, deals with press releases, communication skills, effective writing, and professionalism. Aside from the skills one requires to study PR, Dieso hopes to impart one specific idea to her students.

“A major component is feedback,” Dieso said. “There is this idea that Gen-X and millennials don’t like feedback. Criticism is not feedback. Feedback is actually giving somebody something they can use. Being able to receive and give feedback is important.”

Though her course has only met a couple times so far, her style has already begun impacting students.

“I really like her class because she is forward and stern,” Sam Berenato, a junior PR major taking Promotional Writing, said. “She calls people out and gets you out of your comfort zone.”

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