New gym equipment leaves students wanting more

The Richie Regan Recreational and Athletic Center is starting off 2017 with some brand new cardio equipment.

All of the old bicycles, treadmills and elliptical machines have been replaced with newer machines that have updated television systems. Additional climbers have been added to the collection, along with several rowing machines.

All of the old bicyles, treadmills and elliptical machines were replaced with new machines at the start of the spring 2017 semester. Sarah Yenesel/Staff Photographer


Kathy Matta, associate athletics director for Recreational Services, said that all of the cardio machines at the gym were leased and continue to be so. The three-year lease period ended in 2016, therefore allowing for a new lease to be signed with newer equipment.

Matta added that it is customary for gyms at universities to lease their cardio machines. Those machines are used a lot more than any other machine at the gym, which means that they get worn out faster and require more frequent replacements.

Matta explained that because the equipment came in a lease renewal, there were no changes in budget to get these machines.

When she returned from break, Morgan Tirpak, a freshman communications major, said she was surprised to see that the gym had brand new cardio equipment.  Although she had noticed some machines weren’t working, especially bicycles used in spin class, she said she didn’t think it was necessary to  renew the machines.

Some gym goers like Patrick Condon, a freshman business major, who don’t focus their workouts around cardio said the weight section could also use some improvement.

“The previous cardio machines were in good condition,” Condon said. “The gym should have gotten more diverse weight and stretching equipment.”

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