SHUFly skips stops and skews students’ schedules

Students are complaining that SHUFly has been off-schedule recently or skipping stops altogether.

The SHUFly schedule on Seton Hall’s website lists a timetable of daily stops. It also includes what times SHUFly drivers are on break throughout the day. Using this schedule to track SHUFly, some students have found that the service is not adhering to this schedule.


Some students have noted that SHUfly has not been running according to schedule lately. Greg Medina/Asst. Photography Editor.

Ashley Chaung, a junior social and behavioral sciences major, recalled a time when she and her friends tried to catch the SHUFly at the McNulty stop. “They waited for half a second and kept on going,” Chaung said.

Ann Szipszky, Parking Services manager, answered questions about the complaints students have made about SHUFly.

One recent complaint Szipszky heard is that there was a replacement driver last week. However, other than that she said that SHUfly has been running normally. All SHUfly drivers have been employed for a few years, Szipszky added.

“If we don’t hear from students, we can’t do anything so I encourage them to contact Public Safety or email me with feedback,” Szipzsky said.
Students on campus have mixed reviews about the SHUFly service.

Alexandra Altamura, a sophomore biology pre-med major, has mostly had a positive experience. She commutes to campus by train and has the SHUFly pick her up.

“The drivers I’ve had have been on time for the most part and they’ve been really nice,” Altamura said. “One time I needed to go past the train station and the stop wasn’t on the driver’s schedule. He said that he could take me to where I needed to go and I really appreciated that.”

Kyle Buaya, a sophomore biology major, occasionally uses SHUFly. Buaya described SHUFly as “a great mode of transportation,” and added that “the drivers are super nice and make it an even better experience.”

Other students made suggestions for how the service could be improved.

Blair Goldstein, a sophomore criminal justice major, mentioned that “the (SHUFly) service has been good overall but driver breaks are at inconvenient times.”

Goldstein suggests that SHUFly shuttles should be increased in size for a greater passenger carrying capacity. “I feel like less people would have to deal with waiting for the SHUFly, especially since the breaks are at bad times, if the shuttles themselves could fit more people.”

Adrianna Masotti, a sophomore secondary and special education and English major who commutes to campus by train, said that she “had to walk (to campus) from the train station three times over the past two weeks because the SHUFly wasn’t there.”

“The drivers are really nice but actually getting onto the SHUFly is the challenge,” Masotti said.

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