SHU club seeks to share art with others

A club largely run by underclassmen is using its passion for creating art to send messages regarding social issues and working to bring the community together, according to club president Michael Cappelluti.

Cappelluti explained that P.O.E.T.I.C. is an acronym that stands for People of Education Together Influencing Culture.

The group of students, ranging from 15-20 regular members, meets every week during the semester to perform original art, give advice, share ideas and have their work appreciated. The editorial board suggests themes for some meetings, and members create works based on this idea. Workshops run by sophomore Cappelluti and other members focus on certain creative outlets like songwriting and public speaking skills to further their crafts.

“As a society and a community there are certain things that should be spoke about but aren’t,” Cappelluti said when asked the purpose of the organization. “If we communicate these things through art I think we are succeeding as a club.”

“We have an interest in creating dialogue for social justice,” said the marketing major. Ideas that are hard to say sometimes are easier to sing about, rap about or perform, according to Cappelluti. He stressed his appreciation for the opportunities on campus to perform. “It may feel like an athletically dominated school but there are a lot of artistically talented people here.”

For someone like Cappelluti whose major doesn’t reflect his passion, he said it’s a good way to stay creative.

Business IT major Dom Parran picked his major for job security but, if he had it his way, he would pursue music full-time.

P.O.E.T.I.C. is a place that allows him to be a part of a group of like-minded people without the structure of a choir or more focused organization.

“I can let loose and be me instead of pretending to be an IT guy,” Paraan  a sophomore said.

For secretary of P.O.E.T.I.C. Shawn Brelvi, the club has been a way to continue the creative writing he accomplished in high school. Poetry is his most frequently used medium but he tries not to put any limitations on what form his art may take.

“I have a passion for helping people do things,” Brelvi said, explaining why he decided to become part of the e-board. The secondary education mathematics major gave a seminar on public speaking to club members, hoping to positively influence their performances.

Brelvi said he believes being in the club will benefit his degree. “In education you’re always talking in front of students and in P.O.E.T.I.C. you’re always giving performances,” Brelvi explained. ”I enjoy sharing my works because I believe what I’m saying needs to be heard.”

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