The Daily Show brings comedic relief into politics

Graphic via Logopedia

Graphic via Logopedia

With so much controversy throughout this election season, many people have been uncertain of what media outlets they should be trusting as their political news source.

Roy Wood Jr. and Hasan Minhaj of the Comedy Central hit show, The Daily Show have aimed to try and empower their audience with information while bringing lightheartedness to the discussion.

Tony Varughese, a senior biology major, said that he likes The Daily Show for its political satire, but doesn’t use it as his main political news source because of its presidential biases.

“Just like other political news sources, they each have their opinion and agenda,” Varughese said. “However, I do enjoy how the show sheds light into politics in a humorous manner.”

“We’re like funny history professors,” Minhaj said during a conference call with college reporters on Oct. 26, 2016.

People like to be entertained when getting their information and political comedy gives audiences just that, Minhaj added.   

“It’s our job to try and educate people on what both candidates stand for, and give people a more thorough understanding of what both platforms are all about,” Wood said. “Comedy is important to help keep your sanity in the midst of all of the election.”

While The Daily Show is a comedy show first and then a news media outlet, Minhaj and Wood understand that just because they can make fun of people or make inappropriate jokes doesn’t mean they should.

“There’s a difference between political correctness, freedom of speech and harassment,” Wood said. “Just because we’re on a comedy show and we can do something doesn’t mean we should do something.”

Both Minhaj and Wood are also supporters of voting in this election and strongly encourage students who can vote, to go out and vote because even if they think their vote doesn’t  matter, it does.

“This democracy thing, don’t take it for granted. This shit is not funny,” Minhaj said. “Despite all the stuff that you’re reading about, it’s the best operating system currently in the market where there’s tremendous possibility for change.”

Minhaj continued and said ,“there are many people in this world that would kill to have the chance to vote like we do in America.”

Zachariah Boyer, a senior political science major and second -time voter said, “If you don’t let your voice be heard, you are missing an opportunity to be a part of American democracy.”

Freshman broadcasting major Erin Neupauer, a first-time voter in this election, also said it is important to vote, especially for millennials.

“If [millennials] don’t instill the idea that their voice is important now, what will they think when they’re older?” Neupauer said.

As Wood put it, “Voting matters, even in a system that has its flaws there’s still strength in numbers.”

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