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An article in this week’s issue of The Setonian explains that the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership (MASCL) program has been suspended with a new plan in the works, but there is no timeline for said plan.

This is a story that we want to report all sides on, but also one that affects us personally. While not every student in the College of Communication and the Arts will do so, some of us are looking towards graduate school.

Over the past several weeks, The Setonian has delved into coverage of the suspended MASCL program. We have reached out to multiple sources on the matter, many of which were not interested in sharing the facts of the matter nor their opinions on it for print.

As a publication that often deals with sensitive subjects that require a healthy level of confidentiality, we do understand and respect that we as students cannot know everything. There are some situations that are just touchy or time-sensitive and that we will learn more about with time, and we fully respect that.

However, it becomes difficult when our intention is to get all sides of the story and are refused the information with no explanation, or even words at all.

Members of the SHU community and even those outside of it have maintained a level of privacy surrounding the situation that has left us as reporters struggling to understand the nature of the suspension.

We do appreciate those individuals that have helped us keep the Seton Hall community fully informed on the matter with ample fact and honest opinions, but that hardly applies to everyone. In regards to the suspension, we hope that more information will become readily available with time.

In the meantime, we continue to seek the truth for readers in all matters and expect the truth from administrators in return.

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