Students love Pandang

Kiera Alexander/Staff Photographer

Kiera Alexander/Staff Photographer

Pandang, located off of South Orange Ave. near Chase bank, is one of Seton Hall students’ favorite places to eat Thai food.

The name Pandang derived from a pandan leaf, which is mostly used while cooking sauces to help enhance the flavors.

The chef of the Pandang restaurant chose that name when Jenny Chen, the restaurant owner, opened the business in 2012.

Sophomore business major, Kathrine Dwyer said, “I usually go to Pandang about once a month. I love the people, environment, and the food so much. When college is over I might need to beg my friends to take a trip back just for their sushi.”

For Chen, these opinions are what she describes as part of her professional success.

“I see what I do a service, and I feel most proud when customers enjoy my food, and I love [receiving] feedback,” Chen said.

Pandang is also active in the community. They donate gift certificates to both Seton Hall University and high schools within the South Orange area.

Chen grew up in a restaurant business family and has always worked in a restaurant which she said is hard.
“There’s not much time to spend with each other outside of the restaurant,” Chen added.

This is also one of the challenges she faces as a restaurant owner.

“It’s a tough business,” she said. “You have to put in a lot of time and energy into the restaurant, and because I’m a mother of two the timing is tough as I try to balance my time with them and working full time.”

This doesn’t stop her from carrying out her responsibilities, which include making sure the food is fresh and deliveries are on time.

“I’m in everyday,” Chen said. “The first to arrive, last to leave, to make sure everything’s right.”
Even when everything is at its best, Chen looks to improve the service they provide.

She strives to give her “customers the best experience. Nothing’s perfect. Every day we try to upgrade.”
Seton Hall students receive 10 percent off when they pay with cash for dinner meals. Students are candidates when Pandang is hiring. Pandang looks for people to work the night shift, so working around class schedules is not a problem.

“The food most popular for Seton Hall students is our Pan Fried Dumplings and the sushi, especially salmon sushi,” Chen said.

Dwyer’s favorite roll is the volcano roll.

“It is hands down their best roll and is a beautiful plate filled with yummy goodness,” Dwyer said.

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