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During the Sept. 19 Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, Student Life Chair Elianni De La Cruz stated that students should expect some changes from Gourmet Dining Services (GDS) – one of those changes being chicken cooked on-site before being served to students.

“When the school year started, we were using chicken that wasn’t cooked on-site, because it was bag chicken, so it was already coming prepared,” said De La Cruz, a junior economics major.
“Bag chicken” was cooked, placed in plastic bags and then sent to Seton Hall to be served.

According to De La Cruz, students were complaining about the quality of the chicken served by GDS in the Pirate Dining Room. To fix this, De La Cruz talked with Michael Garcia, director of Business Affairs, about the situation.

De La Cruz said that Business Affairs was aware of the situation and was already working to fix it.

SGA President Teagan Sebba confirmed that the chicken in the dining hall is now cooked on site.

All food products must be approved by the Compass Group, a leading food service provider which has a separate company, Food Buy, that tells GDS what items they can buy, Garcia said via email. This ensures that only the highest quality items are served on campus.

Dunkin’ Donuts is the only company on campus where GDS is allowed to sell Dunkin’ approved items that come from Dunkin’ Donuts.

There has been speculation on whether or not other foods are cooked on-site, but Garcia said that all other foods on campus are indeed cooked at Seton Hall.

Gourmet Dining Services declined to comment.

“I think that the food is good. It is whatever you make of it,” said Christina Grzybowski, a freshman diplomacy major. “Since there is so many opportunities and stations, you can make your own food if you don’t like anything that they serve, you can just make something that you like.”

Some of the amenities that GDS offers includes a food and nutrition professional, Jennifer Bostedo, on staff. Bostedo is also available for students and faculty if they are seeking healthier diets.

If students want to make suggestions to Gourmet Dining Services, it can be done online through the Gourmet Dining Services website under the ‘Contact Us’ tab. All you do is enter your suggestion and email. Students also can submit suggestions to GDS through the Chattback program – anyone who has a complaint about the GDS food can text (973)-218-5932 and expect a reply from a manager.

“It is pretty decent. It is not five star, but I like it better than high school food,” said Frances Martinez, a freshman communication major.

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