Gotta catch ‘em all: Seton Hall a Pokemon hotspot


Whether you are a casual gamer looking for some Pokémon on the go or are determined to “catch’em all,” Seton Hall’s campus has the resources to help you become a skilled trainer.

In order to gather all the essentials for collecting and battling Pokémon, trainers need to frequent “pokéstops.” Here players can stock up on “pokéballs,” potions, revives and lure modules. Seton Hall’s campus has more than 10 such stops. In addition, pokéstops help users catch Pokémon around campus.

“In general, most of the pokéstops have Pokémon at them,” senior chemistry major Marisa Gallagher said. “Toward the center of campus, by the seal and the green, are the most populated areas on campus.”

Gallagher said she plans to catch as many Pokémon as possible, evolve them to earn experience points, and one day fight in a gym battle.

She explained that, while she found a Pikachu near the Walsh Library, finding rare Pokémon is likely randomized or dependent on the time of day.

She added that players should look for lures that have been set up on campus, as it is likely that there is a greater number of Pokémon in that area. Lures can be purchased with coins, Pokémon Go’s in-game currency, or obtained through leveling up .

According to University IT Services Systems Administrator Eugene Malabanan, playing in gym battles allows players to earn coins without having to spend money on the game.

Malabanan said each time a player takes over a gym, he or she gains experience points that are necessary to advance levels and also receives a bonus of 10 coins.

He added that 10 coins are also earned for every 20 hours a player and friends are able to hold a gym. Since trainers have the ability to maintain control of 10 gyms at a time, they can potentially earn up to 100 coins per day.

Pokémon gyms on campus include the Seton Hall Pirate Statue and the Science and Technology Center Mural.

Along with the quest to level-up Pokémon and hatch eggs, Pokémon Go has the added incentive of physical exercise, allowing students to get outside and enjoy the game with their friends.

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