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Incoming freshman and business management major Katherine Birgen will be traveling thousands of miles this fall, leaving her home in Los Angeles, Calif. to attend Seton Hall. She is excited for her new independence and worried about missing the comfort of home, exemplifying the mixture of emotion that often comes with moving on from high school to college.

In fact, freshman history and diplomacy and international relations major Nkili Cooper explained that while she expects to meet great people and be exposed to new ideas, she is concerned about becoming overwhelmed.

Amid the many hopes and fears expressed by the Class of 2020, even on the Seton Hall Class of 2020 Facebook page, some SHU seniors have offered their advice for making the most out of being a Pirate. “

“Between your professors, advisors and administrators, Seton Hall has a great support system and they provide you with the resources you need to be successful,” said Chelsea Wilson, a senior marketing and management major. “It’s up to you though to believe in yourself and take advantage of those opportunities.”

In addition to seeking out resources on campus, senior biology major Christie Finn said keeping organized and managing one’s time wisely is extremely important.

“Make yourself a weekly schedule and then follow it,” Finn said. “Time management is so important in college, especially since you won’t have your parents there to tell you when to do your homework.”

Senior public relations major Gabriel Fiore reiterated an important lesson. She said that with all the academic avenues available to students, they need not feel bound to a particular major if their heart is not in it.

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