Seniors share embarrassing moments from freshman year

With graduation right around the corner, the class of 2016 will spend their last few months reflecting on memorable moments at The Hall.

Pirate memories can range from attending basketball games, lounging on The Green to attending Student Activities Board (SAB) events. However, what about the moments they do not want to remember or are too embarrassing to recall?

Emerald Nwanne, a senior economics major, said she remembers a class mix up that went too far.

“So my freshmen year I was supposed to be in an Intro to Philosophy class,” Nwanne said.

She said that because she was not registered for the class until add and drop period had ended, she missed the first three days of class. When she walked in, her name was not on the sign in sheet, but since she had registered late, she ignored it, Nwanne added.

“Around midterms he emailed us a review sheet and I was so confused. All of the questions were about the Bible.” It was only at this time that she looked around and realized all of her classmates were Priests and she had just spent half a semester in a seminary course. “I was too embarrassed at that point so I just retook Philosophy the following year. Moral of the story: Pay attention in class.”

Michael Fiedler, a senior nursing major, said he had to give a speech in one of his classes, but not without a major hiccup along the way.

“I normally do not get nervous when it comes to speaking in front of crowds but it was my first speech of freshman year so I think that is why it ended so badly.”

He said that as he walked up to the podium, his stomach turned. “My face was so red, I know it was,” Fiedler added.

As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, he ran out to the bathroom. “I had a very…unflattering affair.” Eventually, he said, he pulled himself together and delivered the speech.

“I went to the cafe on a day when it was raining really hard,” Tanaya Jackson, a senior accounting and marketing major, said.

In an attempt to not slip after she filled her cup at the soda machines, she turned around very slowly.

“Unfortunately, someone was behind me on their phone and bumped right into me,” she said.

Jackson added that her soda spilled all over their shoes and to make matters even worse, she dropped her plate of food on the floor causing it to break into pieces.

“Everyone was looking in my direction and I am sure it was obvious how embarrassed I was,” she said.

Embarrassing moments, especially as a freshman, can seem like the end of the world, but with time, they will not be a big deal and you will be able to laugh about it by the time you are a senior.

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