Triple Threat: Dancers to perform at SOPAC

The South Orange Performing Arts Center will be hosting the Triple Threat Dance Showcase, a collaboration between three dance companies, on Friday, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. The three different dance companies include Freespace Dance, which specializes in contemporary modern dance driven by emotions and athleticism, the Umoja Dance Company, which is inspired by West African and modern dance traditions and the NJTAP Dance Ensemble, a professional tap dance company. Donna Scro, dancer and artistic director of Freespace Dance, said the idea for the three dance companies to perform in February was initiated by the director of SOPAC who wanted to present different genres altogether in one production.

“I’m excited to share the stage and have the audience experience the three different styles of dance,” Scro said. Scro added that the four dancers from Freespace Dance dancing that night are also very excited to perform because it’s another opportunity to let their creative visions and artistic movement reach the audience in a unique way. The three dance companies have been on the same program during different productions throughout New Jersey that have included several other dance companies. However, Scro said that the showcase will be the first time that only these three companies will be on one bill.

The dance companies performers will not be performing on stage at the same time as they each have their own time slots throughout the evening.

The production will present consecutive performances that will evoke different emotions, reactions and experiences for the audience as they witness three diverse forms of dance.

“The Freespace dancers want the audience to be moved by the performance, think about what the pieces are about and be stirred emotionally,” Scro said.

“Modern dance allows the audience to have an experience. They can make their own story and interpret the way they feel about it,” she added.

Representatives and dancers from the NJTAP Dance Ensemble and Umoja Dance Company could not be reached for comments.

General admission for the show is $20 and $15 for Seton Hall University students.

To buy tickets for the showcase or ask for any information about the production, contact the SOPAC box office or visit their website at

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