Students embrace the freedom to build their own burgers at campus BYOB


Natalie Rebisz/Graphic Designer

Natalie Rebisz/Graphic Designer

The larger part of the typical college experience is the freedom to make your own choices, like what major to declare, what classes to take and most importantly…what kind of burger to eat.

Build Your Own Burger, located inside the commuter café, has a long list of delicious toppings, sauces and buns which can make a decision almost as tough as what to do for the rest of your life.

When you do work up the courage to make a new creation of your own, it can make your day a little more interesting and satisfying.

From a classic burger to the crazy combinations that your friends dare you to taste, there is a burger for everyone.

Here are seven BYOB combinations that you should try before you graduate:

1. The Classic

An all-natural ground beef burger topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup and mayo has made its way into the hearts of many through its traditional backyard taste.

2. Hot n’ Spicy

Adding pepper jack cheese, sautéed onions, jalapenos and chipotle mayo to a beef patty fires up your taste buds in more ways than one.

3. The Sunny Side Up

A beef burger with fried egg, sautéed onions, bacon straight off the grill and ketchup to top it off should be just greasy enough to kick start your day or satisfy a craving.

4. No buns, hon

For something healthy and veggie packed, try skipping the bun for once.

Place your grilled chicken breast, bleu cheese crumbles, tomato, pickle and red onions on a bed of baby greens instead.

5. Fresh to death

The whole wheat bun, also a healthier alternative, goes perfectly with provolone cheese, tomato, raw red peppers, creamy guacamole and sun dried tomato relish to create a filling yet crisp and unique assortment.

6. Double the Trouble

This burger has the most on it.
Two patties, two slices of American cheese, extra bacon, and smoked BBQ sauce in between two brioche buns makes for a filling choice as well as a classic one.

7. “The Pirate” Recreation

Last, but not least, the Food Truck outside the cafeteria created a hefty sandwich that has quickly made a name for itself. You can also have it in burger form with chicken tenders, onion strings, fries, provolone cheese and any savory sauce of your choosing.

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