Seton Hall faculty hosts International Film Festival

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Faculty at Seton Hall University has collaborated to put together an International Film Festival that runs from Oct. 6 to Nov. 3.  

Michael Stone, director of the  Language Resource Center, introduced the idea and hopes to see it become an annual event.  He said that the films are not only open to people on campus, but is also extended to local neighbor groups.

“The faculty Languages, Literature and Cultures Department frequently incorporates film as part of their instruction.  Not only do movies provide the opportunity to hear native speakers in the context of a story but they also provide insight into another country’s culture,” Stone said.  He added that he wanted to utilize the expertise of the faculty.

The films which were presented include: “Leviathan,” “Intouchables,” “Hero,” “Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life,” “We Are Young. We’re Are Strong” and “Mediterraneo”.

“Attendance exceeded my expectations.  Most of the attendees are students who have an interest in the language, but others come because they like movies,” Stone said.

Rachel Petke, a freshman journalism major attended to watch the Italian film, “Intouchable” for extra credit in her Italian class, but was pleasantly surprised.“It was about a group of Italian soldiers during World War 2, they became stranded on a Greek isle and become friends with the inhabitants,” Petke said.

She added that she thought the film was funny and she would go again even if the film wasn’t in the language she knew.

“The message was very focused on friendship, at the end, the soldiers meet up years later as old men so it was very friendship driven,” Petke said.

Hannah Kellermeyer, a freshman elementary education major, said she went to see the German film, “We Are Young. We’re Are Strong” for her University Life class’ international requirement.“I don’t speak German.  There were subtitles for the conversations, but not for the narrations.  Even still it was easy to understand and follow,” Kellermeyer said.

Kellermeyer expressed both satisfaction and constructive criticism. “I would like to this become an annual event, but I think it would be more fun if the movies were more geared towards enjoyment as opposed to teaching us lessons.  The topic was very controversial and dark.”

The upcoming films,  “The Secret in their Eyes,” “The Time that Remains,” and “Departures” are set to be presented on Oct. 27, Oct. 28 and Nov. 3.

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