Club for online students may become a reality

Seton Hall history may be made if the Student Government Association’s (SGA) plan for the first online club ever becomes a reality.

The Academic Affairs division of SGA and the College of Arts & Sciences have been discussing the possibility of creating a new club for online students.

Ami Patel, SGA Academic Affairs chair, and administrators have also been collaborating to implement resources on campus for students interested and enrolled in online courses.

According to data provided by Director of Online Classes David Feeney, Seton Hall offers 228 online classes for the fall 2015 semester out of a total 3,593 courses.

“In the year 2000, Seton Hall (was) globally recognized for being the leading educational institution to provide the most online classes,” Patel said in an email.

“Unfortunately, this is no longer the case anymore. Many students desire more options for online classes as it is more convenient for them.” Patel added.

Patel said it was this concern, coupled with the suggestions from students, that inspired Feeney to develop a task force to develop more online classes this year.

This group is organized under the Academic Affairs committee.

Patel and administrators Feeney and Cinque Pace, graduate program coordinator, said the prospective club, the Online Student Association, may premiere sometime next year.

“If Seton Hall wants to see a change in the online course community, this is a great way to catalyze it,” SGA Academic Affairs committee member and enrolled online student Violet Reed said.

“I hope that this task force helps create better relations between students and professors.” Reed said.

Further working towards providing convenient resources and pushing for student academic success, SGA is looking toward the possibility of promoting texts. com on campus.

His program would allow students to buy and sell textbooks to and from their peers without having to navigate social media.

Patel said that this project is important to her as a SGA member.

“As a part of SGA, we are determined to provide students with this option to increase student satisfaction within the SHU community,” she said.

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