Scream like a queen, retake femininity: modern feminism



AAAAHHHH! The echo of my scream is heard through every corridor and every forsaken alleyway at the sight of a…dare I say it… pant suit.

The words sting at the touch of the keyboard, heaven forbid I were to speak them, my lips may just fall off—lip gloss and all.

Aside from typically being ill-fitting and downright dull, the pant suit represents the second wave of feminism.

Indeed women made strides in the workforce through taking on what were seen as men’s jobs to become one of the boys.

However, here lies the greatest problem for the female race—beyond crow’s feet and broken stilettos.

While women were being promoted, their female identities were being eroded, discounting their overall platform.

In hiding their emotions and their feminine appearance by way of dress, they are not proving women can do men’s work, but that women must adopt masculine qualities to fill the clunky shoes of a man.

But make way for the pastel clad, feather flouncing, jeweled right down to the pinky, “Scream Queens” and the ideal they portray: modern feminism.

The new series on Fox offers tell-tale signs of female empowerment.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy told E! News that friendship is at the heart of the show and the girls prove that all they need is each other.

No boys allowed!

Well, maybe sometimes as you know three of the Chanels have dated Chad Bradwell #scandalous.

Although in terms of horrific killings and hiding bodies, the queens who do indeed scream and scream often, get down and dirty dragging bodies into freezers and sticking heads into fryers. Was that too graphic? Wait ‘til you actually watch it!

Yet, when sitting in safer places like the cafeteria, the girls defend each other against boys calling them b****es and the impotent diet fads.

Girls can stand up to boys and indulge in high calorie, high carb favorites while wearing—yes—a dress and an adorable pair of platform sandals with frilly socks, of course!

The queens exude dignity, pride and confidence which are all encompassed in their feminine identities.

Who runs not only the Kappa Kappa Tau house, but Wallace University?

Girls, as per Queen Bey! After all, they aren’t queens for nothing.

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