Men use purses and we just have to get used to it

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Mocking men who carry bags has gradually become a thing of the past. There are major companies who are expanding the latest styles when it comes to bags for men so “murses” also known as “man purses” become part of today’s norm. When you really look at it, a bag is a bag, made simply for convenience to make holding personal belongings hassle free and fashion friendly.

The type of men’s bag is parallel to the name of the particular bag. For instance, the cross body bag is now known as a satchel or messenger bag. This style of bag became even more socially acceptable for men to wear after Indiana Jones wore it to accomplish many of his adventures and missions. These types of messenger bags have been daily spotted all over campus. The messenger bag is a convenient way for male students to carry their books and computers without it causing backaches like the regular, two-strapped backpack. The right style of bag can pair well with most outfits.   

A clutch, which is what women carry to many formal gatherings to hold cosmetic products and other necessities, has transformed into a more masculine style which also allow men to carry their belongings on a daily basis. A clutch can also be known as either a document case or portfolio bag and can come in various shapes, colors and sizes. This accessory is typically popular during fashion week where fashion journalists and editors carry all their important notebooks and small belongings in a simple case.

The bag that still takes a lot of courage for a man to carry is the classic tote. Tote bags, which is also called a pocket book, was created for women to carry on their shoulders. The tote is the exact same style of a pocket book, but made to be held by hand for a more masculine fit. This bag fits a lot of items to match daily activities and styles for every individual taste.

These different styles of bags can be found at Zara, Top-man or the Asos website for a reasonable and at a student-budget friendly cost.

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