Fans can relive Eagles glory days at SOPAC

Fans of the music group, the Eagles will soon be reliving the Eagle experience in South Orange.  The South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) is scheduled to host the Eagles’ tribute band, Eaglemania.

Dee Billia, the SOPAC’s Director of External Relations said that they booked the band early in order to ensure their performance.

“Eaglemania performed at SOPAC last year and it was very well attended,” Billia said. “If you like the Eagles then you will like Eaglemania!”

Billia pointed out that their cover songs include not only greatest hits from the original band, but also works of the individual members of the Eagles.

According to the Eaglemania website, the band has been traveling up and down the east coast, emulating the Eagles for the past three years. The group is composed of six members which includes keyboardist/vocalist Frankie Reno, guitarist/vocalist John Gaechter, guitarist/vocalist Ken Darcy, lead vocalist Steve French, drummer Jon Weiswasser and bassistt Kevin Hummel.

Despite previous success, the event didn’t excite many students on campus.

Steven Doolittle, sophomore sports management major said he was not a big fan of cover bands and thought Eaglemania would probably not live up to the standards of the Eagles. However, after hearing that viewers raved about the band’s ability to create an exact emulation, his interest in listening to their music grew.

Matthew Gaughan, senior finance and IT major said the residents of South Orange would be looking forward to the event, but he wasn’t as confident about the interest amongst SHU students.  He added that the location made the event a less conspicuous option for students.  

“I don’t think the event would be popular here because it’s off-campus and probably not as well advertised as other things here.  Most college students, freshmen especially, gravitate towards any type of live music event here at school because it’s in their face,” Gaughan said.

Elizabeth Martinez, freshman marketing major shared a similar view as Gaughan and was doubtful of a large attendance of SHU students at the event.

“It could be a waste since many of the people who grew up on the iconic Eagles’ music have grandchildren already,” Martinez said.

Eaglemania will perform at the SOPAC on Friday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m.  Check out the SOPAC website for further information and how to purchase tickets.

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