Breaking down the fall television show lineup

Fall is finally upon us, and here at last is the much anticipated season of television shows which includes premiere of new series and the return of old favorites.

A fan favorite comedy, “The Big Bang Theory” returned on Sept. 21. This sciency sitcom continues to follow the lives of the main characters: Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard and Raj as they bicker and joke their way through social, romantic and professional relationships. The season premiere kicked off where the last season ended and has already set a promising tone for the rest of this season. “I thought that overall it was pretty funny, but it didn’t live up to the cliffhanger of last season,” Hunter DeSimone, a freshman english major, said.  This is a smart and clever comedy for people who want a good laugh and the occasional heartbreak.

“Blood and Oil” premiered on Sept. 27 on the Discovery Channel.  This new soap opera drama follows the lives of a young couple who move to North Dakota, in hopes to strike big with oil profits. However, they are immediately at odds with a powerful oil tycoon. This new series will appeal to anyone interested in drama and suspense. The show stars Don Johnson, Chace Crawford and Rebecca Rittenhouse and among additional actors and actresses.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated new shows of the season, “Scream Queens,” debuted on Sept. 22. This horror-comedy features an all-star cast and follows the story of several murders which occur at a college. With a star-studded cast and an edgy mix of comedy and horror, this show appeals to many different audiences. Kenny Ramdhanie, a junior criminal justice major, said it would appeal to high school kids going into college. The show is very humorous. Ramdhanie added that people should watch the show if they’re looking for something to make you laugh and relate to especially as a college student.

These are just three of the new and returning series premieres this fall. With a wide variety of options, there is sure to be a show to fit your personality and entertain during this fall season.


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