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For some students, South Orange is a new environment that they want to explore, but are unsure of where to visit off-campus. Because of this, students either spend their weekends by going home, binge watching Netflix in their dorms or spending time in the Cove.

When asked, students, generally said Stony’s and Starbucks were some of their favorite places to hang out while some said the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) could be interesting depending on what movies are playing or what events are being held there.

“One place where all my friends went to hang out and relax is the South Mountain Reservation. There is a trail that looks over New York City as well as other towns in New Jersey. South Orange Trattoria is another place that I could spend hours at and go out to lunch and dinner, where the food is college-allowance-friendly,” said Anthony Starzynski, freshman accounting major.

The South Mountain Reservation is a five miles circuit which would be a good place to go for a day trip to explore with friends or a significant other. There is a scenic waterfall and a stream to walk along.  The South Mountain Reservation also has a historic feature, with the many trails. It is perfect for hiking and spending quality time with nature and friends. This fun adventure is easily accessible as it is only a train ride away.

“With the train station so close to Seton Hall, students have the opportunity to explore other parts of New Jersey or take a day trip to New York City,” said Jillian Scanio, freshman communications major.

New York City is about 30 to 45 minute train ride away. There, students have access to an abundance of places like shopping in Times Square or taking a walk in Central Park. There is something for everyone in NYC, which can be more fun if friends are brought along for the experience.

As long as students are putting themselves out there and are willing to go explore the town they live in and the many places surrounding it, they will find fun and interesting options for them to occupy their weekend besides going home or Netflix binging.

South Orange and the cities surrounding it are all interesting and fun places to explore, where SHU students can enjoy themselves.

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