SHU alum’s app LivnList makes group messaging fun

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The experience of making plans with friends through group message is not always pleasant. Everyone has an idea of what they want to do, but agreeing on a definite plan might not always be easy. As the plans get more detailed and more people are involved,  it becomes difficult to share updates.

At one point or another we have all found ourselves bombarded with group texts regarding an event that we will no longer attend. Group messaging does not have the option of removing or adding people to the message without having to start a new message.

Seton Hall University alum Brian Liebler is the co-founder and CEO of LivnList Inc., a new messaging app which makes planning activities with friends stress free. LivnList is as easy as “List, Share, Do.” Liebler graduated in 1997 with a B.S. degree in finance and in 2000 with an M.B.A degree in marketing.

Liebler came up with the idea almost two years ago when he was about to go on a date that he did not have high expectations for. He said he didn’t think the date would last very long and he wondered what his friends would be doing later on that night. Then he realized that there was not an app for situations like this.

“At its heart, LivnList turns static, clunky and inefficient group texts into dynamic, fluid exchanges that mimic real life where friends and friends of friends join in on a plan and then bail at the last moment,” Liebler said.

When there is confusion surrounding group activities, it makes it almost impossible to see those plans be executed. LivnList successfully makes plans more organized and therefore, more likely to actually happen.

Lengthy texts regarding plans can be confusing and they are often just scrolled through. The LivnList video feature makes inviting friends to events creative and simple.

It took a year for Liebler and his partner, John Francis to research and create the app. They also working with an engineer to build the iPhone app this past January. It took the engineer about seven months to build the app and it was ready to be released in the App Store on Aug. 15.

LivnList was recently featured on TechCrunch, a popular technology blog. The blog praised the app for being an easier, more personal and fun way to make plans.

“I hope that LivnList becomes the social utility people use to maximize their social lives,” Liebler said.

LivnList has the potential to change the way people plan group events for the better.

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