Seton Hall jobs provides opportunities to lower student’s tuition

Let’s face it: college is expensive.

Next to buying a house or a car, it’s one of the biggest purchases a college student will make up to this point in their lifetime. Thankfully, here at SHU, there are ways to significantly reduce your tuition so that education can be more affordable and less stressful.

Two options that every SHU student, living on-campus or off-campus has is to receive free housing and a meal plan through becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) or a Tutor-in-Resident (TIR).

Eric Mochnaz, Assistant Director of Training and Development for the Housing and Residence Life Department said the responsibilities of an RA are to manage their floor community, decorate the floor, serve on a duty rotation, documenting policy violations, setting office hours and helping students. The main tasks for TIR are essentially ,conducting office hours to offer free tutoring for commuters and residents.

Because these jobs are rewarding, economical and coveted, being chosen for a spot as an RA or TIR is very competitive. As compensation, RAs and TIRs save approximately $6,000 on living expenses at Seton Hall.

An additional popular way to save tuition at SHU is by applying that your dorm be considered as a showroom. A showroom is a dorm that is used on tours and open houses for future Pirates to see. Students with showrooms are not limited to any personalization of their living space. Through this program, an average student can save about $5,000 which cuts room and board fees in half.

“The guidelines for my dorm are pretty basic like we need to keep the room presentable, put away valuables and obey housing policies,” Michaela Gillmore, who holds a showroom said. “The main responsibility is to reflect well on the school. Since prospective pirate parents are scoping out where their children could be living, it’s important to show the best side of on campus living.”

With an extra $5,000, students can purchase 2,000 medium iced coffees at Dunkin’ Donuts, 800 burritos at Chipotle or 50 averagely-priced concert tickets. While, education can be pricey, students can have more financial independence without a dark cloud of extra student debt looming over their heads.

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