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The semester is well underway so it’s time to fall into a routine with meeting new friends, finding the best eateries and let us not forget, getting those assignments done on time. Seton Hall University’s professors have offered the most creative excuses expressed by students who have given late or missed assignments.

“When I was TA, a student told my adviser [that] he couldn’t get the homework in because he had to go to his grandmother’s funeral,” said Freshman Mentor, Professor Jeremy Osak said. “ My professor was able to see him partying down the road from her office window.”        

That is not the first time an excuse has been debunked according to Oral Communications professor, Naomi Berger, “The student arrived, no speech to deliver. I asked him what happened,” she said.  Berger said the student then expressed that he left the speech in his golf bag which was locked in the golf club. When she asked how the game was, the student responded that it was great. “Looking deep in his eyes, I whispered, ‘glad about the game, sorry about the speech.THAT’S AN  F,’” said Berger in an email interview.    

While it could be that students might experience the occasional sickness which might lead to not handing in their assignments on time.

“I had a student tell me once that he couldn’t hand in his term paper because he had been diagnosed with chronic procrastination syndrome,” said Associate Professor Nathaniel Knight.

When it’s not an illness, the weather is occasionally a factor. “I once had a student tell me that he did not hand in his homework because it was too hot to leave the dorm and walk across campus,” said Professor Dr. Paul La Chance in an email interview. “I don’t know about creative, but it was memorable.”

Even though Seton Hall isn’t Hogwarts, magic might be in play. “Usually, my assignments are due on wednesdays at 2 p.m. I had a student tell me the deadline magically changed to 1 p.m. and so he couldn’t submit it on time, but then the time changed back again,” Professor James Davidson said.

If it’s not a sickness, magic or uncreative made-up excuse, sometimes, more natural accidents happen. “I can’t say it’s very creative but students have told me their homework got torn up. It’s their responsibility to get it to me by the next class,” Adjunct Professor Dr. Maya Ruvinshteyn said..

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