Freshmen looking to make college transition seamless

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Cue the graduation music, orientation buddies and first days of classes. High school is far behind every college freshman, whether they like it or not.

The college dynamic can be apparent when saying goodbye to parents and deciding what time to get dinner with a friend. Trivial choices, but a big deal when you are a college freshman.

The academic workload, blur of many new faces, the buffet at every meal and additional responsibilities are a lot to digest as a  first-year student.

“The hardest part about transitioning from high school to college was learning how to manage my time, especially because of the gaps between my classes,” said Sarah Auerbach, freshman communications major. “ Figuring out how to balance school work, a social life, gym time and sleep has been a huge obstacle. Time management wasn’t such a big deal for me in high school, but college has definitely taken some getting used to.”  

“The hardest part about leaving high school and coming to college was the size difference. I come from a very small town and high school so adjusting to Seton Hall’s size has been difficult. It’s been awesome getting to meet so many different people,” said Maria Sweeney, freshman diplomacy and international relations major.

Sweeney added she works extra to balance an athletic schedule especially in the demands of being a cheerleader and part of the university honors program.

“The toughest transition from high school to college has been living without my parents and instead, living with other people my age,” said Sean McKenna, freshman diplomacy and international relations major.

A month into classes, living with strangers and avoiding the freshman fifteen can be stressful. Freshman are past the honeymoon period and those who have survived thus far, are gearing up for the long haul.

Whether you are the student counting down the days until break or the one who can’t catch a break, stay strong. College is filled with twists, turns and bumps on the road, but we can prevail.

Here’s to making this first semester a great one! Welcome class of 2019!

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