Explore NYC: Uptown by day, downtown by night

Courtesy of Martin O. Tettey

Courtesy of Martin O. Tettey

A great perk of attending Seton Hall University is its close proximity to New York City.

On a weekend after completing assignments, when there is nothing to do, hop on the Shufly to drive down South Orange Ave. to the train station for a quick half hour trip to the heart of Manhattan. The train stops at New York Penn Station, located in midtown. Students can explore a wide-range of sites and take up multiple opportunities that the city has to offer.

For a nice peaceful morning, the first place to visit is Central Park, a great place to take a nice, cool and relaxing stroll with friends, especially during fall. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is only a short walk from The Central Park Great Lawn and displays a wide range of art, both ancient and contemporary, with free admissions for students. The museum even offers access to the rooftop where visitors can overlook the Upper East Side.

After getting a tour of uptown, take a quick subway ride and head downtown.

If you get lost and don’t know exactly which train to take, walk downstairs into the subway and ask the information desk for directions.

The first place to visit is the SoHo shopping district, where affordable shops and boutiques sell distinct and diverse merchandise. Throughout SoHo, there will also be a number of street vendors selling items.

The rule to a successful shopping experience, especially in this district, is to bargain for a great price.

After shopping, head over to the World Trade Center Memorial to pay respects to the many lives lost on 9/11.

The view of the newly opened Freedom Tower is a must-see when visiting the city.

After a nice long day, hunger is definitely striking! Grab an Uber or cab your way to the famous
restaurant, Da Silvano, for affordable homemade Italian food to end the day.

Martin O. Tettey can be reached at martin.tettey@student.shu.edu

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