Women’s soccer club overcomes challenges

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In its four semesters on campus the women’s club soccer team, one of two women’s club teams alongside the women’s club volleyball team has faced many challenges.It has also savored many triumphs.

The women’s club soccer team was created in spring 2014, led by coach Anthony Salerno.

The team is the second women’s club team to be created on campus, which has brought its challenges along with rewarding aspects.

The past year since the club was created has been a learning experience, says Jordan Scrape, team captain.

The process of scheduling games and working with the league has been one of the challenges the team has faced.

However, the team was “able to make it through with the understanding of how the league works,” said Scrape.

“Having a coach that works and knows the recreation center helped us navigate the paperwork and things we need to do with the athletic department.”

In addition, “being one of the two women’s club (teams) on campus is an honor, because we were able to start (it) ourselves and get a name out there for women’s sports across campus,” said Scrape.

“Women’s club (soccer) gives women the athletic outlet they need without having the intense 24/7 labor of playing a full Division I sport, but also gives (students) the competitive edge they need to continue playing.”

The team, consisting of students from all grades and experience levels, has formed a bond since its creation two years ago.

Allyson Rudd and Nicole Economu, two senior players, say the team has grown through their relationships with one another. “I have definitely met some of the friends I will have for the rest of my life, and it all came from a group of us wanting to get a team together,” Rudd said.

“I believe a lot of it comes from the coaches and their passion to have us succeed, and the overall motivation of every girl who steps on the field,” Economu said.

Despite the women’s club sports team developing greatly, Economu said, the team does not get as much attention as the men’s club teams on campus.

Economu says that “there still lacks the same awareness and support that some men’s teams have.” The team has been promoting its name across campus through fliers and social media content on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

“We hope that in the future, incoming freshmen and current students will show an interest and attend our home games for support and come out for tryouts in the fall,” said Scrape.

The team’s next game is against State University of New York at New Paltz on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 6:00 p.m. on the Owen T. Carroll Field.

The team, coach Salerno said, is “on the rise and (they) have aspirations to make the regional tournament this year and hopefully make a run to nationals in the very near future.”

Diana Kim can be reached at diana.kim@student.shu.edu

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