Students talk internships: how soon is too soon?

Not everyone knows exactly what they would like to do for the rest of their lives at the moment they enter college. To help with the process, internships create experiences in various job fields to help students determine the right match when choosing a major or career.

“The career center manages an extensive internship program, with 17,000 internship opportunities available,” according to the Seton Hall University’s official career center page.

Scheduling an appointment with the career center is the first step for anyone seeking help. Through meeting with an advisor, students will be able to develop a job search strategy to help reach career goals.

However, the important question is what is the best time to start an internship, or even visit the career center?

Gloryeanne Lindenmuth, a graduate of the former Department of Communications and the Arts, expressed her thoughts and advice on the importance of internships.
“I believe it’s best to start looking for internships during your sophomore year. By this time, you may be more in tune to what you want to major in and what you may want to pursue after college,” Lindenmuth said.

“Whether you’re enrolled in a community college or a four year institution, sophomore year should be the best time to apply for internships because by this time, one should have adequate time management skills, an idea of what they want as a career, and the dedication to pursue such goals.”

Freshman year is too early to begin looking for internships, she said. “Let freshman year help you develop time management skills, diligent student behaviors amongst other things,” Lindenmuth added.

Michelle Obukowho, senior social and behavioral science major, also gives advice based on the three years she spent at SHU. “Students should start interning at the end of sophomore year and the beginning of junior year because it will give them time to gain experiences,” Obukowho said. “Once sophomores decide their major in the second semester, they will have a lot more opportunities.”

Khystyna Yermachenkova, a senior accounting major, said the summer of sophomore and junior year is the best time to intern.

“As a business major you want to get two internships so you’re more exposed to what’s out there and the different job opportunities,” she said.

Every semester, the career center holds career fairs in the University Center, where representatives from various companies come to meet SHU students and collect their resumes for internship consideration. The individuals at the career center not only take a look at student resumes to make sure that they are properly done, they also conduct mock job interviews so students are better prepared for real life situations.

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