SGA’s leaders provide students with anything they need

Courtesy of Teagan Sebba

Courtesy of Teagan Sebba

The Student Government Association (SGA) is your go to organization for comments, questions and concerns regarding Seton Hall University.  Led by President Teagan Sebba, a junior political science major, her role is mostly external and very important.  

The majority of students at SHU have heard of SGA, but might not really understand the purpose and responsibilities of the organization.  SGA can be considered to be the “middle man” between the students’ voices and the administration. They are the ones who will talk to administrators if students have legitimate concerns and if the organization feels that they can make a difference in the situation.

President, Teagan Sebba considers herself to be a mix of a manager and a cheerleader for her SGA team, along with a morale booster for the senate.

Sebba became involved in SGA as a freshman when she heard the SGA president give a speech at the freshmen convocation.  She was inspired and applied to become a freshman senator and successfully was given the position. The following year, she became the Secretary for SGA and this year, Sebba is the president.

While, running for president of an organization is a bold move and Sebba was initially hesitant at first to run, she loves SGA and knew that it was something that she was capable of doing, she said.  “Opportunities start to follow you if you work hard”, Sebba said.

The SGA president said she enjoys to take in as many leadership roles as possible and believes that if people put faith in you then you are going to work ten times harder.

The role as SGA president does put a great deal of pressure on Sebba as she takes on the responsibilities for her actions which represents the university. The stress is also due to the struggle of finding a balance between SGA and student life.  The SGA president said that although there are pressures of being the president of an organization, when she is passionate about something then she will want to and continue to be involved.

In addition to her involvement with SGA, she is takes part in other activities and organizations in the Seton Hall community.  Sebba is a sister in Alpha Gamma Delta and is currently one of the GMA representatives for her sorority.  Along with Greek Life, Sebba values being a student and succeeding while build strong relationships with her professors.

Teagan Sebba will be continue to be the president of SGA through April and has many plans for SHU students.  There are some goals given by student suggestions at a town hall meeting last spring which included creating an 24 hour study space for students, app for the laundry services, extending cafe hours and fixing the parking problems.  


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