Pope Francis viewing party stirs debate


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The School of Diplomacy and International Relations’ Center for U.N. and Global Governance Studies is hosting a party for students to watch Pope Francis give a speech at the U.N.

The panel discussion and party will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 25 in the Diplomacy Room of McQuaid Hall. The Pope is expected to speak at 10 a.m.

“It’s the perfect event for a school of international affairs at a Catholic university, that was created in partnership with the United Nations Association of the United States of America,” said Dr. Martin Edwards, associate professor and director of the Center for U.N. and Global Governance Studies. “Pope Francis is an inspiring leader who has captured the imagination of the world.”

“I think that him coming to the U.S. has a chance to really change the direction of debate on a lot, if he does it right,” said Angelo Piro, senior diplomacy and economics major. “His softened stance on gay marriage, if done right, could push forward the issue here, especially when he’s going to be
speaking in one of the more conservative diocese, Philly.”

Pope Francis’ speech will address multiple issues such as poverty and the refugee crises.

“I think Pope Francis will pinpoint certain topics that are really going to challenge us to stop and think of where this country is going and how we can grow our faith and build a family filled with faith, hope, and mercy to be compassionate towards one another,” said Eric Goonan, a first year seminarian.

Students will have the opportunity to sit with three faculty members: Dr. Edwards, Father Brian Muzas and Dr. Courtney Smith. They will discuss the Pope’s ideas after the party, according to an article by McKenna Ronquillo on the News and Events pages of the SHU website.

The viewing party is not the only way that the SHU community will get involved with the Pope’s trip.

Some of the seminarians went to see Pope Francis in Washington D.C. on Wednesday Sept. 23 and will be going to New York City on Friday Sept. 25.

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