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Learning to laugh through the adverse obstacles planted heavily in a college student’s schedule is a key to success. Comedian Colin Quinn’s upcoming performance of the “New York Story” at the South Orange Performing Arts Center’s (SOPAC) theater will demonstrate how to find the humor in ones’ everyday life.

The stand-up comedian and actor known for his roles on “Saturday Night Live,” “Grownups,” and “Trainwreck” will perform his stand-up show, directed by Jerry Seinfeld, on Sept. 26.

“The show includes me looking back on my childhood, how the world has changed and how the interactions between people have changed,” Quinn said.

His performance provides a story of the trials and tribulations of growing up and how it shaped the person that he is today.

“I give back to the audience and let them laugh,” he said. “The audience gets a look back at the old days and how people grew up differently.”

Breanna O’Neal, a sophomore psychology major, said a comedian coming to SOPAC would be cool. “I think it will bring a lot of people in,” she said.

Quinn said he derives most of his comedic material through reflection, looking back and analyzing what happened in the past and explaining it to the audience in a bitingly humorous way.

When asked to reflect on his past, in order to give advice to young college students, Quinn said it is definitely harder to be growing up nowadays than it was back then.

Quinn cautions the youth of today to, “force yourself to think about money and pay attention to the way you spend it.”

Gary Rauco, a junior economics major, said he wouldn’t go to see a comedy show at SOPAC. “I think that comedy shows are fun to go to, but I’m not that familiar with his work besides a few movies he is in.”

However, Malik Dye, a senior management information systems major, said a comedian coming to SOPAC is good for the SHU community.

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