Communication and the Arts graduates to receive school’s new diploma

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The start of the 2015-2016 academic year means seniors, who have majors in  the College of Communication and the Arts will receive specialized degrees when graduating from Seton Hall University.

The university’s Board of Regents approved the formation of the College of Communication and the Arts earlier this summer. The Office of the Provost said it has garnered widespread support and enthusiasm throughout the Seton Hall community.

Were it not for this transformative moment in our University’s very proud history, the students graduating this academic year with degrees in subjects dealing with communications, art, theatre, media, and technology would continue to be recognized as subjects under the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of the Provost added.

“I thought it was good because now there is a better concentration on creative majors rather than a general overview,” said Dustin Feynman, senior journalism and public relations major.

The chance to graduate with a communication and the arts degree opens the door for underclassmen. It gives concentration into a desired career field and the specialization of the college will help students reach their specific goals in a more focused way before they transition into the workforce.

As a part of the first graduating class that earns a degree with the new college’s name, may mean different things in terms of opportunity when entering the job force. Yet, for Feynman, his ambitions of working for the Major League Baseball Network, The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network or the Yankees baseball team will not change due to this alteration.

Feynman said it doesn’t mean much because his life plays will always be changing. Feynman also acknowledged the possibility of his job opportunities increasing as a result of his specialized degree, but was not sure as to whether it will completely change his prospects.

At the baccalaureate commencement in the spring of 2016, the graduating class will achieve a great phase in their lives, irrespective of the college name on their diplomas.

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