Students spill the contents of their backpacks

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If you don’t carry much cash with you to class, there’s a big chance you’re carrying a backpack with equal, if not more, worth than what’s in your wallet.

The backpack for a college student is the cornerstone of academic existence, an item of everyday survival. Have you ever stopped to wonder how much money your backpack and its contents add up to?

A backpack at Seton Hall University bookstore can cost $12 or $79.99, depending on what a student is looking for and is willing to spend.

Although members of the Seton Hall community have commonalities, there are different interests, clubs and classes to follow which means that backpacks and their contents are unique to each student.

There are also textbooks, notebooks, binders, planners and additional school supplies in demand for the academic year.

Teresa Gonzales, a sophomore in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, uses the same backpack she has had since her senior year in high school: a seven-dollar, black Eastsport backpack from Walmart. “I didn’t put in a lot of effort to buy an expensive backpack,” Gonzales said. “My backpack is just very simple and has a lot of pockets.”

Although Gonzales’s backpack was economical and fit her personal taste, the contents inside were worth more.

The notebooks were about $3, pens and pencils were no more than $10 and textbooks were about $100. Additionally, the Lenovo laptop provided by the University is about $650, her makeup is at least $150 and then there is the occasional two-dollar snack packed in her backpack.

Gonzales’ backpack and the content inside can be an estimated total of $915.

“If I lost my backpack, it would be pretty heartbreaking,” Gonzales said.

“I’ve always worn a backpack,” Corey Thomas, a junior journalism and broadcasting major said. “I hate carrying things with my hands.”

Thomas’ new $50 Timberland backpack, holds basic school essentials of two notebooks at $3 each, a ten pack of pens at $1.50 each, textbooks costing $30 and the $650 school laptop so he would be carrying a total of $739 this semester.

With sums reaching almost $1,000 in school products and backpacks, even if you find yourself without extra cash on Friday night, rest assured every other day of the week your investments lie in a nylon sack.

You may even be the richest backpack holder on campus.

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