How to achieve #SquadGoals

Courtesy of Taylor Swift's Instagram

Courtesy of Taylor Swift’s Instagram

#SquadGoals. This commonly used term depicts a group of friends that look like the ideal crew.

The entertainment industry plays a significant role when celebrities take flawless pictures and post them on social media for all to see. With or without the caption “squad goals,” the pictures show how celebrities appear to have a perfect group of friends.

Taylor Swift is the ideal celebrity example. Swift and her many famous friends, such as the Victoria Secret angels, are one of the ultimate depictions of squad goals. Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video was all the rage as it featured her famous crew, whose careers include supermodels, singers and actresses. The creativity and celebrity friend action in Swift’s video allowed her to win the MTV Video of the Year Award.

According to an article by E! Online writer, Natalie Finn, Swift’s friend group was “a reminder that #SquadGoals, in this respect, will ultimately never be achieved in actuality.”

Though Swift’s squad goals may seem unrealistic, students at Seton Hall University seem to think otherwise. Students believe that squad goals are attainable by having a solid group of friends who are comfortable with each other and have great times together.

“I think squad goals is feeling confident with your group of friends and not worrying about what other people think,” said Lilli Wofsy, a sophomore English major. “To be squad goals, you need to feel like you are cool and can do you without worrying about society.”

SHU students can attain squad goals by having a group of friends that make them happy and match their personalities.

Specifically, friends need to own their squad, so they are actually their own definition of squad goals.

“Squad goals are having a good group of fun people always around me,” said Lukas Howe, a sophomore Environmental Studies and English major. “People who know what makes themselves happy and who they are.”

The main way that SHU students can achieve this new trend is to just be themselves and enjoy the people that they surround themselves with.

“SHU students accomplish squad goals by hanging out on the green, wandering the town at night and forgetting about the outside world,” Howe said.

An individual does not necessarily have to be a celebrity to accomplish squad goals, rather just be comfortable with who they are and who they hang out with.

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