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Seton Hall University welcomed the College of Communication and the Arts as it begins its first semester during the 2015 academic year.

According to Deirdre Yates, Interim Dean of the College, this transition is a natural outgrowth that grants Seton Hall the opportunity to compete with other local, specialized colleges of communication and the arts.

She said the number of students enrolling in communication and art programs increases annually.

Dean Yates anticipates greater growth for the College because of the increased visibility of both communication and arts programs.

“Our disciplines are current and technologically focused, which makes for employable graduates,” said Dean Yates.

The resources that Seton Hall has to offer its College of Communication and the Arts students, both in and outside of the classroom, enriches students’ knowledge and networking skills.

The Career Center plays a key role in helping students with networking opportunities.

Seton Hall’s proximity to New York City allows the Career Center to build relationships and grant students internship opportunities with top employers such as, MSNBC, MTV, the LexisNexis Group, and the Lincoln Center. The Career Center offers internship opportunities to students in the College of Communication and the Arts.

Public relations professor from the College of Communication and the Arts, Melissa May, also manages all four sections of the College of Communication and the Arts’ internship program. Having ties to the Career Center managing the College students’ internships while teaching for the College allows May to envision the endless possibilities that comes along with the creation of the College.

“We’re providing an enabling environment for students to broaden their minds and their horizons,” said Professor May. “We want to ensure that all students have firm theoretical foundations for their chosen careers, as well as the latitude to discover and create what is best for them.”

In addition to the internship program, the College helps students move from college to the professional world through the Professionals in Residence programs, according to Dean Yates.

The Professionals-in-Residence programs bring professional actors, producers, directors, writers and scholars to teach and to share their expertise with students.

Following graduation, students of the College of Communication and the Arts will leave the University with a defined degree and better credentials for competing in the job market.

“We have found that employers are seeking college graduates who come from specialized schools and can communicate, be a part of a team, think creatively, and be flexible,” said Dean Yates. “Those skills are developed in our College and are the measurable outcome goals we focus on for graduation.”

Many students in the new College are excited about their futures as they complete their academic careers at Seton Hall.

Dominique Mcindoe, a junior majoring in journalism, hopes to continue seeing changes as the College of Communication and the Arts progresses.

“I would like to see events specialized for our College,” said Mcindoe. “Maybe a showcase of the work from actors, artists, interactive media specialists and journalists that celebrates our accomplishments and our creativity.”

Junior Kenneth Barilari, majoring in journalism, said that the establishment of the new College of Communication and the Arts makes him feel more welcomed on campus.

“It makes me feel that my major is important,” said Barilari. “Just because my major doesn’t involve math or science, doesn’t mean that it does not deserve recognition.”

Sharing this same sentiment, Mcindoe added, “It’s great knowing that our unique talents are being set apart.”

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Author: Leah Carton

Leah Carton is the Managing Editor of The Setonian. She is a senior at Seton Hall majoring in journalism and public relations. She is a former Features intern for Seventeen Magazine and a former Corporate Communications & Marketing intern for Meridian Health.

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