Women in Entertainment: The leading role

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As a college student, you buy a movie ticket, some overly priced popcorn and take a seat in a semi-packed movie theater as you wait for the movie to light up the big screen.

But, it’s not just an action, romance, comedy or muscle-packed film with high testosterone count and a male lead. This movie is not focused on a man, but a smart, beautiful, funny and independent woman who can bring the same big bucks and even a larger audience compared to the usual films grounded on a male lead.

A strong female lead is what’s starting to take way and run the movie and television industry. Beyoncé was right when she sang, “Who run the world? Girls!” Because let’s face it, inspiring women are rising to the top in not only the social, political and academic arenas, but in the entertainment world as well.

The gender inequality in films have usually projected women as the caretaker, lover or friend who needs protection and a popular male actor to boost their image. But now it’s becoming popular, and preached to the public, that women successfully stand on their own onscreen.

What makes these female leads so important? They represent a part of our society and even our college life where women continuously need to showcase their talent and ideas. We all know too well that there are women leaders, inventors, teachers, among others, who can help lead our peers during our undergraduate years. However, this message and concept is finally being projected openly in the entertainment industry as well.

Melissa McCarthy came out as an unconventional and likeable actress who is equally hilarious and talented. McCarthy’s lead roles in the 2013 film “Identity Thief” and the 2015 film “Spy” presents a woman who can not only entertain people with her talent, but she can do it while being herself and working hard, without an overbearing male lead.

Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games” movies and in “Silver Linings Playbook” is seen as a more well-defined and female authority figure onscreen. Don’t be fooled by her age because let’s face it, Lawrence does a great job in playing the main role as well as being a role model for young adults. As a female lead, she has the chance to inspire, teach and diversify. If you’ve ever watched her movies or have some knowledge about her then as college students, you might see how she’s not only leading, but empowering audiences and changing the entertainment industry.

Those who have watched “Trainwreck” or some of her stand-up, know of the sassy, comedic and independent Amy Schumer. Some of you guys and gals might secretly nod in agreement to Schumer’s jokes and truths which she addresses in her film and stand-up. She’s new on the block in the entertainment industry, but the actress/comedian leads a bright path to success while empowering young adults in expressing themselves.

Mindy Kaling is successful in creating, directing, writing and acting in her popular show “The Mindy Project.” She is a creative genius who can walk in fabulous heels while being a role model to young adults. She represents the rise to success through hard work and motivation. As a female lead, Kaling mixes her love of romantic-comedies, handsome men and opinionated personalities to not only entertain, but to show an example of what it takes and what happens when you work for what you want. This fight to achieve what you want could be starring as a lead in a movie or achieving success in your academic, professional or personal life.

So what does this all mean? Young adults, especially women need to stop being benchmarked in the entertainment industry and in other fields. The glass ceiling needs to shatter as it becomes more clear that women can lead and be as successful as men in not only movies and television shows.

Nisha Desai can be reached at nisha.desai@student.shu.edu

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