Dress for success: The Internship


On the first day of your internship, you may have shown up looking like Andie from the “Devil Wears Prada” pre-fashion closet excursion. After a few days of becoming acquainted with the office vibe, there is no doubt that you became Andrea, a stylish girl fit for Fashion Week.

What exactly do you wear to your summer internship when you can’t afford a new wardrobe from your company’s non-existent (or existent) fashion closet? Here we go and I don’t necessarily mean let’s head to the clearance rack!

For girls, you want cute, but appropriate and professional, lively with summer hues. One of my favorite pieces is the pencil skirt because not only is it an approved length even for the Chapel, but it is a staple piece that can be worn a number of ways. The pencil skirt can be worn with any style blouse or blazer and if worn with a pair of heels or wedges, you are on the A-List in the wardrobe department!

When digging through the depths of your closet, pull out your favorite A-line dress and reimagine it in your work setting. If there are rows of cubicles, shirts and ties then you want to transform this flirty piece to formal attire. If you’re going for that formal look then grab a pair of heels, a statement necklace, a blazer and head out the door.

If you see a relaxed creative space, then add some fun to that outfit! Take a chunky heel or lace-up-the-leg-sandal, a stack of your favorite bracelets, a possible ear cuff and a jeweled headpiece and you’ve got one rockin’ look.

When piecing together these outfits, steer clear of shorts and denim. Denim is unprofessional and shorts come with a risk. However, pleated skirts of appropriate length make for a super cute look that can be perfect for the heat.

As for guys, khakis, polos, button-up shirts and slacks are simple go-to attire. If you want to mix it up then go colorful and be bold. Some prints like stripes, dots and tiny flowers are office cool, but save the larger leafy textile foliage for the weekend.

No sneakers, no hats and no flip flops. Let me repeat this, no flip flops for guys…ever.

Look great, feel great and you’re internship is sure to be fabulous!

Michelle Foti can be reached at michelle.foti@student.shu.edu

Author: Michelle Foti

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  1. Great tips. Always dress one notch up from what you’ll expect everyone else to be wearing I always say.

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