What’s SHU Wearing? Graduation Caps

Credit: NJ.com

Credit: NJ.com


It’s just about that time to let those graduation caps fly as high as your post-grad dreams may soar. Yes, it is time to talk about the most important, most momentous aspect of the big day. The question that drives every occasion, whether on the Red Carpet or the aisles of the Prudential Center: who wore it best?

When dresses are concealed and bow ties cannot be seen, graduation styling all comes down to the personalization of the cap placed on top of your brilliant, college graduate-to-be head.

When beginning your glitzing and glamming (if that’s your style) project you must first identify your theme and then let your creativity take hold of the glue gun.

Some super fun and super cute themes for both guys and girls are based on none other than Seton Hall. The designs, made with glitter paper or crafting paper are glued to the cap to showcase themes such as SHU Class of ’15, SHU and a mock logo or even the Pirate.

For those of you in Greek Life, you’ve been showing your letters since you were initiated so graduation day could be another chance to showcase your commitment. Through wearing your sorority or fraternity colors on your cap, you will be able to represent them while carrying your diploma.

Graduation is the first step into your future, right? So, this might be a great time to tell the story of your desired future on your cap. It could be a simple clip art that represents your field or the logo of the company you plan to work with so that it represents your aspirations.

You could also have a “Thank You” design and take a more sentimental route. As you sit with your back to the audience, your supporters are sure to get the message.

Of course, you could always decorate your cap to match your shoes. An all rhinestone cap? Well, good thing this ceremony is taking place indoors, otherwise it would be blinding!

If you want to remember the day and how you were on this special day, write a little note on the inside of the cap to make for a fond memory. Whether it be the date of the ceremony, your GPA, all your campus accomplishments or your hopes for the future, it will be nice to look back on one day.

Aside from rocking the look, once you turn that tassel and toss it in the air, the perk is your cap won’t get mixed up with anyone else’s. However, it may pick up some unwanted glitter and rhinestones gone astray.

Michelle Foti can be reached at michelle.foti@student.shu.edu.

Author: Michelle Foti

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