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The crowds in the Walsh Library and the ever growing coffee lines in Dunkin’ Donuts are SHU student signs that finals week is fast approaching. The pressure is on but the main concern is to make sure enough studying is completed before each test. In order to survive finals week, students shared their best study tips.

“When I’m not studying, I worry I’ll receive a bad score on my exam, ultimately hurting my GPA,” said Deanna BiFalco, a sophomore biology major. “I can see other students like me over-study.”

To combat anxiety, Bifalco states, “I look at the syllabus for all of my classes and write down all the exam dates so I can plan my studying schedule.”

BiFalco makes sure to review lecture material early. “It’s easier to study the material your professor just taught you rather than waiting two weeks to remember what you’ve learned,” she said.

Sahil Trivedi, a sophomore biology major and Tutor-In-Residence helps other students study and learn material. He said that each student needs to develop a unique studying plan. “Personally, I study up until the minute of the exam,” Trivedi said. “Some people find doing that very unhelpful.”

If worrying about over-studying is a problem, Trivedi advises the best way to practice for a test, is taking one.

“When you can be tested by a friend or by a practice test regarding all the material that is going to be on an exam and are able to recall and comfortably explain the information required with ease, you know you have studied enough,” he said. Trivedi also suggests taking breaks, exercising and avoiding procrastination.

With a hectic schedule, Holli Rolle, a sophomore biochemistry major and member of the women’s track and cross country teams emphasizes the importance of timely studying. Balancing classes and practices is no easy task and Rolle describes her studying as a reviewing process.

This prevents the need to “cram” for quizzes and exams the night before, she said. Rolle feels it is impossible to over-study, as all information is useful sooner or later.

Marisa Samuel, a sophomore social and behavioral sciences major minoring in social work would agree.

“It’s better to be ‘over-studied’ than to be unprepared and not know the material,” Samuel said. She also advises to avoid distraction. She prefers to study in her room than the over populated library.

Remember: studying is unique to each student and staying focused will make for a successful finals week and an even sweeter summer break.

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