Don’t sweat finals week

David Harris/Staff Photographer The library is full of students as finals quickly approach.

David Harris/Staff Photographer
The library is full of students as finals quickly approach.

With the end of the semester coming up fast, Seton Hall’s students and faculty are preparing for the final stretch. While there will not be any major changes to the University’s normal operating hours, there will be some events and changes students may want to be aware of.

In order to help students relax, forget the stress of finals, and just have some fun, Seton Hall’s Student Activities Board is hosting a “Finals Free Zone.” According to Ellen Juracek, SAB’s campus life chair, the program, which used to be called “Relaxation Day,” will be held on May 5, from 11-3 p.m. in the Main Lounge of the University Center.

It will be “Throwback themed,” and Juracek said that it will “have things that were all the rage when our age group was younger, and even before that.” Juracek said the event will feature free food and activities, including skeeball, pinball and air hockey. For students looking to get in all the studying they can before their exams, the library has already started its 24/7 hours, which will continue until the end of finals.

The new hours, which officially began on April 19, give busy students the opportunity to stop by and study anytime. Julia Mullaney, a sophomore, said that she would definitely take advantage of the library being open all day.

“I already spend a lot of time in the library and I think it is much quieter during finals week.”

According to John Buschman, Dean of the University Libraries, the library used to be open 24/7 year round. However in 2012, due to financial difficulties, the school was forced to close the library at 2 a.m. during the week.

These hours, he said, were determined by the amount of students in the library overnight. He said they found that many students were not in the library in the early hours of the morning, and 2 a.m. was the hour that most students left the library anyway.

Buschman said that students liked the new hours, but still asked for 24/7 hours to be reinstated during exams. Eventually, the University decided that having 24/7 hours at the end of the semester made sense.

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