Compete for the title: Best dressed formal 2015


Although Greek God and Goddess have already been crowned, the title of best dressed is still up for grabs. Let’s talk Greek formal fashion.

Before we proceed, I’ll warn you, this advice will be anything but basic. Let’s ditch those itty bitty, run-of-themill bodycons and mundane solid button-ups and go for something a little more daring.

First, let’s go classy with midi gowns. It’s getting low, low, low to the dance floor as the dress extends below the knee, typically with a transparent layer adorned with lace or pattern. And of course, this style still allows for fabulous shoes to be flaunted. As for your date, a solid shirt with a patterned collar and cuffs similar to that of the dress makes for a picture perfect couple.

If you want to take it a step further and go to extreme lengths, literally, a floor length gown is the look for you. This may sound a little “Cinderella goes to the ball” but your party doesn’t have to end when the clock strikes midnight. A solid gown with a simple structure will look super elegant and allows your date’s ensemble to be sleek or vivacious.

To spice up your princess look, make it a two-piece. Let the skirt flare out below the knee and let that top be brought to life. Bippity boppity glitz and glam, it’s Greek to me. Low or high necklines, sweetheart or scoop, long sleeves or sleeveless, your greatest accessory for this one is confidence.

If feeling cute allows your confidence to reign, think the skater skirt reinvented. Patterned with polka dots, florals, or solid and layered with tulle, these formal skirts are adorable and another way to rock the two-piece. Typically worn with a solid short sleeved top, your date can easily match you with a patterned tie or bow tie.

Although the crowns have already been placed atop someone else’s heads and Cinderella’s is stored away in her castle, let your style fight the battle for that best-dressed sash, or compliments at least. Feel fabulous and look fabulous for formal 2K15.

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Author: Michelle Foti

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